Unit 1 – The Saviour of Mankind Notes for 9th Class

We are providing Unit 1 – The Saviour of Mankind notes for 9th class. These notes are useful for the students of all Punjab boards and Federal board. These and all other notes provided here are free for everyone. Join us in this endeavor and help us to spread the light of knowledge in Pakistan. Invite your friends here by sharing this website on social platforms.

Unit – The Saviour of Mankind

Hazrat Muhammad (ﷺ), the last Prophet of Allah Almighty, has the greatest influence on mankind. His teachings and His life are a source of motivation and guidance for mankind.
We have tried our best to provide complete notes of this unit. We have provided the following notes here.

  • Translation from English Urdu
  • Question Answers notes
  • Words sentences
  • Multiple-choice questions

To download a PDF file of Unit 1 – The Saviour of Mankind notes, click the following button.

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