Try, Try Again Story for 9th Class and First Year

Here is an English moral story, Try Try Again” for class 9 and 1st year students. It is an important story regarding final exams.

Once a crow was very thirsty. He flew from place to place in search of water, but all in vain. He could not find even a drop of water to drink. He did not lose heart. After some time, he saw a pitcher. He looked into it. It was half full of water. His beak could not reach it. He hit upon a plan.  He flew to a nearby hill and brought a pebble in his beak. He dropped it into the pitcher. He again flew to the hill and brought another pebble and dropped it, too into the pitcher. In this way, he brought a number of pebbles and dropped them into the pitcher. Soon the water rose up to the brim. Now he could easily quench his thirst. He drank the water and flew away.


  • Try, try again until you succeed.
  • Necessity is the mother of invention.   
  • Where there is will. There is a way.
  • God helps those who help themselves.
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