The Fox and the Grapes English Moral Story

Once a fox (لومڑ) felt very hungry (بھوک لگی). He went out in search of (تلاش میں) food. At last he reached a garden. He saw some grapes (انگور) hanging (لٹکے ہوئے) very high. He wanted to get them. So he jumped (اچھلا) at them. He tried again and again but failed to reach them. The grapes were there but he could not get them. At last he gave up (ترک کر دی) the attempt. He was very sad. He left the garden saying, “The grapes are sour (کھٹے). I must not eat them.

People pretend to dislike what they cannot get.

Moral Stories for 6th, 7th and 8th Class
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