Play No. 2 Visit to a Small Planet First Year English Notes

Play No. 2 Visit to a Small Planet notes are being uploaded here for first-year students. The play ‘Visit to a Small Planet’ is written by Gore Vidal. In this play, he criticizes the people of the earth. According to him, people on this earth are inferior to the people of the planets of another solar system. He is of the view that the people of the 20th century are uncivilized. The central character Kreton comes to the earth in his flying saucer. He claims that he and his people are superior to the people of the earth. He also claims that the people of the earth are dull and backward. He claims that his people are strong and they can get hold of the whole world.

Play No. 2 Visit to a Small Planet

Text Book Exercise

Q. How does Kreton prove his extraordinary powers?

Ans. Kreton proves his powers. Kreton has the power to ad people’s minds. He raises an invisible wall around his spacecraft when the army men try to harm it.No one can touch him without permission. He and his people do not die.

Q. What is the purpose of Kreton’s visit?

Ans. Kreton has come to the earth to take the charge of the whole world. He also wants to observe and study the earth and the development made by its inhabitants.

Q. How much advance is the civilization of Kreton than that of the Earth?

Ans. The civilization of the Kreton is the most advanced one. It cannot be compared with earthly civilization. The civilization on the earth is just in its beginning. The people of the earth are only at the initial stage of civilization.

Q. Can the people of the earth compete with the people of Kreton?

Ans. No, the people of the Earth cannot compete with the people of Kreton in any respect. They are inferior to them in knowledge, science, technology, civilization, intelligence, wisdom, and comprehension.

Q. How damaging is violence in life?

Ans. Violence is very dangerous both for individuals and society. It disturbs the peace and stirs chaos in the country. It debars the progress of the nation. When deserving people are neglected, they create violence and the country suffers in the end.

Q. What type of life do you foresee in the year 5000?

Ans. We can foresee that in the year 5000, life will be more developed. Even a layman will be in a position to visit other planets. Science and technology will be in a more advanced form. The whole universe will be turned into a real global village.

Q. How impressive were the morals of Kreton?

Ans. Kreton’s morals are very impressive. He presents himself as superior to General Power and other earthly people. He is very polite and humble from the very beginning of the play. He shows tolerance, patience, and kindness towards others.

Q. What is the role of the General Powers in the play? “OR” Write a brief note on General Powers.

Ans. General Powers plays a very important role. His duty is to make sure the security of the country. After landing the spaceship he looks into the matter. He considers Kreton an enemy. He also represents the people of the earth.

Q. What is the theme of Kreton’s study?

Ans. The theme of Kreton’s study is to know about the people and their life on the earth. He compares the life and civilization of both the planets and tells the drawbacks of earthly life and its civilization. Ha also wants to develop friendly relations with the people on the earth.

Q. How does Kreton impress General Powers?

Ans. Kreton impresses General Powers. He exposes General Powers’ desire of getting a high rank in the US Army. He builds an invisible wall around his spaceship to protect. His research on earth is excellent.

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Additional Questions – Play No. 2 Visit to a Small Planet

Q. What did Mr. Spelding say about flying objects in his TV broadcast?

Ans. Spelding concluded his TV bulletin by quoting General Powers that the flying object was nothing more than a meteor passing through the earth’s orbit. All suppositions were baseless. He further quoted him that Americans would be the first to travel in space.

Q. According to Spelding, what kind of a person, Ellen should marry? “OR” Why does Mr. Spelding oppose his daughter’s marriage with John? “OR” What was the wish of Mr. Spelding about the marriage of his daughter?

Ans. Spelding believes that Ellen should marry an ambitious and wealthy man who would make his mark in the world.

Q. Draw a character sketch of Kreton. “OR” How was the visitor from outer space looking like?

Ans. Kreton, the visitor from outer space was in his forties. He was a pleasant-looking man with side-whiskers. He was dressed in the fashion of 1860.

Q. What was the impression of Kreton on seeing the inside of the house of Mrs. Spelding?

Ans. Kreton was delighted to see the inside of Spelding’s house. He exclaimed that it was better than he had hoped.

Q. Why did General Powers call Kreton a spy? “OR” What does General Powers think about Kreton?

Ans. General Powers called Kreton a spy to Earth sent by an alien race to study human beings for a possible invasion.

Q. What restrictions were imposed on Selding’s house?

Ans. After imposing Martial law at Spelding’s house, General Powers restricted the use of the phone and the movement of anybody until the crisis was over.

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