Play No.1 Heat Lightning First Year English Notes

This play is about a young girl who comes back from a party. All of a sudden her car stops moving. She takes her flashlight and starts walking down the road in search of help if any. She sees a man who is pulling something out of his car. She could not see that thing clearly. But the next moment, she sees that the thing is a dead body. She runs away from that place. The man follows her. She runs fast and hides in a bus station. A man is already there. She nervously thanks God to find him in such a terrible situation.

Text Book Exercise

Q. Why couldn’t she describe the killer?
Ans. The girl couldn’t describe the killer because it was night-time and she could not see the killer’s face. Moreover, she was terribly frightened.

Q. What were the circumstances that forced her to leave her car?
Ans. While coming back home after the party, the girl’s car ran out of gas. So she was forced to leave her car.

Q. Why did she ask for help from the first man?
Ans. She asked for help from the first man because she was in danger and there was none except the first man on the scene.

Q. What was the condition of the weather?
Ans. The weather was terribly bad. The night was dark and stormy. It was raining cats and dogs with thunder and lightning.

Q. How and why did the second man accuse the first man of lying?
Ans. The first man tried to hide the pressure of the girl. The second man suspected the presence of somebody in the room. He had, in fact, seen the glimpse of the girl.

Q. Does the girl become suspicious of the first man as the play progresses?
Ans. No, the girl does not become suspicious of the First Man as the play progresses. In fact, circumstances have naturally turned so much in her favour that she cannot suspect him. In the end, her flashlight revealed the truth.

Q. What is her impression about the Second Man?
Ans. At the outset, the girl thinks that the Second Man is the person whom she has been disposing of a dead body. She also thinks he is the man who has been chasing her.

Q. Why didn’t she accompany Second Man?
Ans. The girl could not accompany the Second Man because she persuaded him to be the killer whom she had been dragging out the dead body of a girl from his car and who had been chasing her all the way to the bus station.

Additional Questions 

Q. Describe the opening scene of the play.
Ans. The opening scene of the play shows a drab interior of a bus station on a deserted highway, somewhere in the Midwest.

Q. What was the condition of the girl when she entered the waiting room and what was her age? “OR” Describe briefly the appearance of the girl when she enters the stage.
Ans. The condition of the girl was very miserable. His clothes were wet and muddy. Her hair was disheveled. She was sobbing and out of breath.

Q. Why did the girl become so afraid on the road? “OR” What did the girl see while walking along the road? “OR” What was the man dragging out the car?
Ans. As the girl walked along the road, she noticed a man was pulling out the dead body of a girl from his car. She became afraid and started running.

Q. Did the girl go to the police station? “OR” Why does the girl refuse to go to the police station? “OR” Why does the girl not report her matter to the police?
Ans. The girl did not go to the police station because she was so scared to go anywhere.

Q. How did the girl recognize the killer? “OR” How did the girl identify the actual killer? “OR” How did the girl realize the truth? “OR” What did the girl do when she saw the flashlight in the hands of the First Man?
Ans. The girl recognizes the killer from her flashlight in the hand of First Man that he took out from his pocket. In fact, the girl’s flashlight fell from her hand when the killer was chasing after her.

Q. Who saved the life of the girl? “OR” How did the girl succeed in escaping from the killer? “OR” Narrate the escape-scene of the Girl in the ‘Heat Lightning’.
Ans. Before the First Man came near her, the girl ran into the center door of the bus stop and bolted the door. By chance, a dog came there and seized the First Man with its sharp teeth.

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