Night Mail Poem Complete Notes – 1st Year English

In this post, we will discuss the “Night Mail” poem taken from 1st year English Book 3. Here we will cover the Explanation of all stanza with reference to the context, short questions and answers, and multiple-choice questions.

The theme of the Poem:

The theme of the poem is that life is like a train. Therefore, we should learn from the regularity and punctuality of the machine. We should also serve human beings.

Explanation of All Stanzas – Night Mail (Poem)


These lines have been taken from the poem “Night Mail” written by W. H. Auden


The poet describes the journey of a mail train through steep slopes and landscapes till reaching its destination in time. It brings cheques, postal orders, and letters for different cross-sections of society. It moves as a unique force to face every kind of challenge. The poet emphasizes the commitment of the train.

Lines: 1-2


In these lines, the poet describes the function of the Night Mail which crosses the borders to reach its destination. It brings cheques and postal orders for all and sundry. It goes across the borders. It is surely a symbol of commitment, punctuality, and regularity.

Lines: 3-4


The poet says that the Night Mail brings letters for both, the rich and the poor, without any discrimination. It brings letters and cheques for a shopkeeper and for a common household girl. It reaches everywhere and influences everyone.

Lines: 5-6


The poet describes that the Night Mail steadily climbs up the hills of Beattock. It faces different barriers against it but always on time. It teaches us the lesson of commitment and determination.

Lines: 7-8


The train keeps moving towards its destination. It passes through the cotton fields and rocky lands. It shovels white steam over its shoulder. It is very consistent and determined in its work.

Lines: 9-10


The poet uses auditory imagery to describe the journey of the train as it creates a loud snorting sound. Then it passes, silently, miles together. It passes by the wind-bent grass in the field.

Lines: 11-12


The poet describes the reaction of the birds as the Night Mail passes nearby them. They just turn their heads and stare at its blank-faced. Even the birds have learned about its presence.

Lines: 13-14


The train also influences the sheepdogs. Though they are very watchful yet they feel relaxed because they have learned that Night Mail is not a danger for the sheep. So, they just sleep and do not try to change its course.

Lines: 15-16


In the final lines, the poet says that the Night Mail passes the farms. It may shake a jug in a bedroom but it does affect human sleep. The language used by the poet is simple but rhythmic.

Questions and Answers – Night Mail Poem

Q. What kind of the Night Mail is?

Ans. The Night Mail is a train that runs during the night. It goes from one village to another; it reaches all places and brings letters and postal orders for all.

Q. What does the “Night Mail” bring?

Ans. The Night Mail brings letters for the rich and the poor, it also brings cheques, postal orders, and money orders for all.

A. For whom does the Night Mail bring Mail?

Ans. The Night Mail brings cheques, postal orders, and money orders for the rich and the poor. It brings letters and cheques for the shop at the corner and the girl next door, without any fail.

Q. What is the effect of the train on the birds?

Ans. When the Night Mail approaches, the birds turn their heads and look at its blank-faced couches.

Q. From where does the Night Mail Pass?

Ans. The Night Mail passes through the woods, moorlands, deserts, and plains.

Q. Do adverse weather conditions affect the schedule of Night Mail?

Ans. No, weather conditions affect its schedule. It reaches its destination on time.

Q. What qualities of the Night Mail, the poet has discussed?

Ans. The poet has mentioned the qualities of regularity, punctuality, and commitment of the Night Mail.

Q. What do the sheep-dogs do when Night Mail passes by?

Ans. The sheepdogs do not take any notice of it. They remain sleeping because they know they can’t change its course.

Q. What happens on the farm when the Night Mail passes by it?

Ans. When the Night Mail passes by a farm, no one wakes but a jug in a bedroom gently shakes.

Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) – Night Mail Poem

Choose the correct answers for the text

1. The Night Mail is:
a) an express train
b) a passenger train
c) a train that carries mail

2. The Night Mail reaches:
a) in time
b) on time
c) before time

3. On the arrival of Night Mail the birds
a) frightened
b) pleased
c) turn their heads

4. Why do the sheep-dogs continue to sleep on the arrival of the train? Because they can’t
a) attack her
b) bit her
c) change her course

Choose the synonyms

5. Start from bushes at her blank-face coaches.
a) attractive
b) passionless
c) ugly
d) broken

6. The slumber on with paws across.
a) stop
b) wake
c) sleep
d) walk

7. the slumber on with paws across.
a) laugh
b) sleep
c) smile
d) weep

8. The train passes by many a boulder.
a) large rocks
b) buildings
d) railways

9. Shovelling white steam over her shoulder.
a) throwing
a) paying
c) moving
d) shaking

10. Shovelling white steam over her shoulder.
a) rising
b) having
c) throwing
d) glowing

11. Share from bushes at her blank-faced coaches.
a) brown
b) passionless
c) empty
d) ugly

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