Nagasaki, August 9, 1945 by Michaito Ichimaru – BA Modern English Essays

Here we are uploading questions and answers notes of “Nagasaki, August 9, 1945,” by Michaito Ichimaru – BA Modern English Essays for BA and ADP students. These notes are for Punjab University (PU). Sargodha University (UOS) and all other universities in Pakistan. If you want to download complete notes of BA English Part-1 and Part-2, click the links given below and download them in PDF format for free.

Question Answers Notes of Nagasaki, August 9, 1945, by Michaito Ichimaru

Q. Describe the havoc caused by the atom bomb in Nagasaki.

Ans. The 9th of August, 1945 was a beautiful summer day in Nagasaki. Ichimaru, a first-year medical student, could not go to his colleagues that day. He was sitting in his room in the lodging house. 
At 11 a.m. he heard a 13-29 passing overhead. A few minutes later he saw a flash of brilliant yellow, and with it came the huge blast of wind. It cut a hole in the roof and shattered all glass. He went outside; the sky had turned black pouring down back the rain. The stone walls between houses had crumbled. There were fires all around. 
The next day Ichimaru managed to enter the Urakami area. All buildings had burnt or collapsed. There were dead bodies everywhere. He heard women crying in the destroyed fields. The wooden building of the medical school was completely destroyed. Only the skeleton of the hospital remained standing. 
Some of the students and nurses were still alive but unable to move. All were to die in the next few weeks. He met many survivors in public-school buildings. There were cries of pain and a terrible stench. All these people were to die within weeks. He and some friends collected the dead bodies and burned on a pile of wood. 

Q.2 How did Ichimaru help the victims of the atomic explosion.

Ans. On August 10, 1945, a day after the explosion of the atom bomb, Ichimaru was able to reach the medical school building in the Uurakami area of the city. The school building was completely destroyed. 
There were some students still alive in the ruins of the building. There were some more survivors who had escaped (o the small hill behind the school. They were weak, bloody, and dirty. He carried many of his friends on his back down the hill. Then he hitched a cart to his bicycle and took them to their homes. He also contacted the families of other survivors so that they could take them home. 
So many people had died that the disposal of the dead bodies was difficult. Ichimaru with the help of some other persons gathered the bodies of many friends and burned them in a pile of wood.

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