FSc 1st Year Math Chapter 6 Sequences and Series Notes PDF

FSc 1st Year Math Chapter 6 Sequences and Series Notes are being uploaded here. These FSc 11th class Math chapter no. 6: “Sequences and Series” notes are in accordance with the syllabus and paper pattern of Punjab Text Book Board Lahore. These notes are very useful for the students belonging to the Sargodha board, Lahore Board, Sahiwal Board, Multan Board, Kashmir board, Rawalpindi board, Gujranwala board, and DG Khan board.

You can easily view or download these notes. If you want to view F.Sc. Part-1 Math chapter 6 notes online, there must be a PDF reader installed on your computer. These notes cover the following topics

  • Introduction 
  • Types of Sequences 
  • Arithmetic Progression(A.P) 
  • Arithmetic Mean (A.M)
    • n Arithmetic Means between two given Numbers
  • Series
  • World Problems on A.P.
  • Geometric Progression(G.P)
  • Geometric Means
    • n Geometric Means between two given numbers
  • Sum of n terms of a Geometric Series
  • The Infinite Geometric Series
  • World Problems on G.P.
    • Harmonic Progression(H.P)Harmonic Means
    • n Harmonic Means between two numbers
  • The relation between Arithmetic, Geometric and Harmonic Means
  • Sigma Notation(or Summation Notation)
  • To find the Formulae of Sum

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