First Year English Moral Stories: Might is Right

First Year English Moral Stories: Might is Right

Here you can find an English moral story with a moral lesson, “Might is Right”. This story is written here for the students of 1st year and 9th class as well. The students of the 8th class can also benefit from this story.  Share this post with your friends and teachers because sharing is caring.

Might is Right | 1st Year English Moral Story

Once a wolf was drinking water at a stream. He saw a lamb there. The lamb was drinking water far down. The wolf decided to eat him up. He said to the lamb, “Why are you making the water dirty?” the lamb said, “Sir, the water is flowing from you to me. How can I make it dirty for you?” he said, “Why did you abuse me last year?” the lamb was much surprised to hear this. He replied, “Sir, I was not even born last year.” Upon this, the wolf said, “Then it must have been your elder brother. Now you should suffer for his fault. Saying this, he jumped at the lamb and tore him into pieces.


  • Might is right
  • An excuse is good enough for an evildoer
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    1. Actually, this story is for weak and average students. The story will also be added for intelligent students. Thank you very much for your feedback and it will be acted upon soon.

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