First Year English Book-1 “The Piece of String” Notes

Questions and Answers to lesson no. 5 (The Piece of String) by Muhammad Qadir Rafique are given below. The answer to each question is given in short and easy wording. You can download these notes in PDF format for free.

First-Year English Book-I (The Piece of String) Notes

Questions and Answers

Q. Why did Manana accuse Hubert of picking the lost pocket-purse?

Ans. Mr. Manana did not like Mr. Hubert. Because of his baseless enmity, he falsely accused that he saw Mr. Hubert picking up the pocket-purse.

Q. Why did the people think that of Hubert when they heard the return of the pocketbook by some other person? 

Ans. They think that Mr. Hubert is a liar. Whatever the reason he gave, people were not willing to believe him.

Q. Why did George give the pocketbook to his employer? 

Ans. George did not know how to read the pocketbook. Therefore, he gave it to his employer.

Q. What did make Hubert shameful? 

Ans. He was called a liar. This made him shameful.

Q. Why did the people make fun of his innocence? 

Ans. Hubert took the matter seriously and tried to prove himself innocent. So people make fun of him.

Q. Why did Hubert keep claiming his innocence before his death? 

Ans. He was innocent and could not tolerate the humiliation of being called a liar. Therefore, he kept claiming his innocence.

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