First Year English Book-1 Lesson No. 10: A Mild Attack of Locusts Notes

Questions and Answers of lesson no. 10: A Mild Attack of Locusts Notes by Muhammad Qadir Rafique are given below. Answer to each question is given in short and easy wording. You can download these notes in PDF format for free.

First-Year English Book-I Lesson No. 10: A Mild Attack of Locusts Notes

What are locusts?

Ans. A locust is an insect similar to the grasshopper that destroys crops and vegetables.

Q. Why did the farmers throw wet leaves on fire?

Ans. They threw wet leaves on fire to make it acrid and black.

Q. What was the desire of every farmer?

Ans. Every farmer had a desire to see his farms free and safe from locusts.

Q. Did Margaret know to do to keep the locusts away?

Ans. No, she did not know what to do to keep the locusts away.

Q. What was the condition of the trees?

Ans. All the trees were in strange condition. They were clotted with insects and their boughs weighed to the ground.

Q. How did old Stephen treat the stray locust which he found on his shirt?

Ans. When he found the locusts on his shirt, he split down with a thumbnail.

Q. Are the hoppers different from the locusts?

Ans. No, the hoppers are not different from locusts. When the locusts lay eggs, hoppers are born.

Q. Did Margaret lose heart on the loss of crops?

Ans. No, Margaret did not lose heart on the loss of crops.

Q. Why are the locusts compared with bad weather?

Ans. Locusts destroy crops like bad weather. Therefore, locusts are compared with bad weather.

Q. Why did the men eat their supper with a good appetite?

Ans. They had done much struggle against locusts the whole day long. Therefore, they supper to satisfy their appetite.

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