First Year English Book-1: Clearing in the Sky Notes

Questions and Answers of lesson no. 2 (Clearing in the Sky) written by M. Qadir Rafique are given below. The answer to each question is given in short and easy wording. You can download these notes in PDF format for free.

First-Year English Book-I (Clearing in the Sky) Notes

Questions and Answers

Q. Why didn’t the old man follow the advice of the doctors?

Ans. The old man thinks that by following the doctor’s advice he would have to leave work and as a result, he would die soon.

Q. What had the doctor told the old man?

Ans. The doctor told him that he had a short time to live so he should do rest at home.

Q. Where had the old man take his son?

Ans. The old man took his son to the top of the mountain.

Q. Had the son ever been there before?

Ans. With the exception of the last three years, he had been over that point many times.

Q. What were the names of vegetables the old man grew on his farm?

Ans. The old man grew potatoes, yams, and tomatoes on his farm.

Q. Why did the old man take the steep path?

Ans. The old man took the steep path to check his physical fitness.

Q. Why did the son at the age of six cry?

Ans. The son lost his little wooden plough in a furrow so he cried on his loss at the age of six.

Q. What were the feelings of the old man at the age of seventy?

Ans. He thought that he had completed the days of his life, now the memories are a treasure for him. So, he wanted to enjoy his remaining days by visiting old places.

Q. Why had the old man planted his secret garden?

Ans. He planted his secret garden on a rich soil which is different from o land and that would give a better flavour to taste of yams, tomatoes, and potatoes.

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