F.Sc. 2nd year Chemistry Chapter 1 notes

Here we are uploading F.Sc. 2nd year Chemistry Chapter 1 notes. These notes are very helpful to prepare papers of F.Sc. 2nd year Chemistry chapter 1 notes. You can score good marks by preparing these notes. These notes are for all Punjab boards and Federal board students. These notes provided here are free of cost and you can download these notes in PDF format by clicking the link given at the bottom of this page.

F.Sc. 2nd year Chemistry Chapter 1 notes

This chapter “Periodic Classification of Elements and Periodicity” is about the classification of elements and their properties. The elements are arranged in the form of a table called periodic table. The periodic table provides a basic framework to study the periodic behaviour of physical and chemical properties of elements as well as their compounds.
In modern periodic table all the elements are arranged in ascending order of their atomic numbers.

  • There are eight groups which are usually numbered by Roman numerals I to VIII.
  • There are seven periods in the periodic table numbered by Arabic numerals 1 to 7.

The major concepts of chapter no. 1: Periodic Classification of Elements and Periodicity is given below

  • Introduction
    • Historical Background
    • Improvements In Mendeleev’s Periodic Table
  • The Modern Periodic Table
  • The Periodic Trends in Physical Properties
    • Atomic Size
    • Ionization Energy
    • Electron Affinity
    • Metallic and Non-Metallic Character
    • Melting and Boiling Points
    • Oxidation State
    • Electrical Conductance
    • Hydration Energy
  • Periodic Relationship in Compounds
  • The Position of Hydrogen

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