BA and ADA English Part-1 (3rd Year) Guess Paper 2021

Here are English guess papers for BA and ADA Part-1 (3rd Year). This guess paper is prepared by Muhammad Qadir Rafique (MA/MSc), Principal of Jinnah Science Academy. This gas paper contains very important questions. It has been prepared by keeping in view the papers of previous examinations. There are some questions that come up again and again. If these questions are done well then you will definitely perform very well in the exam.

Outline of B.A./B.Sc. / Associate Degree in Arts English Part-I is given below

B.A English Language-I     Total Mark: 100


  1. Reference to the context from Poetry and Short Stories. (Three out of Five) 20 Marks
  2. Short stories and One-Act Plays. 20
  3. Question from ‘A Selection of Modern English Verse. 20 Marks


  1. Precis and Comprehension Writing. 25 Marks
  2. Translation From Urdu to English


Dialogue Writing 15 Marks

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