B.A. English Free Essays

Here a list of English essays for B.A. students is given. Students can download these essays for free. A list of essays for B.A. English is given below. You can download your required essays by clicking on the link in the list.

Most Important English Essays For B.A. Students

  1. Child labor
  2. Unemployment
  3. Poverty in Pakistan
  4. Kalabagh Dam
  5. Inflation or Rising of Price
  6. Energy Crises in Pakistan
  7. Importance of Science
  8. Role of the Computer in Today’s world
  9. Consequences of War
  10. Science an Enemy of Man
  11. Religious Tolerance
  12. Traveling in Pakistan
  13. Beautiful Places in Pakistan
  14. Role of Media in Politics
  15. Traffic Problems in Big City
  16. Means of Transportation
  17. Social Evils in Pakistan
  18. How to Reduce Crime in Pakistan
  19. Life in a Village
  20. Life in a Big City
  21. Pollution
  22. Different kinds of Pollution
  23. How to counter Drug Addiction
  24. Cultural Values of Festivals
  25. Economy of Pakistan
  26. Floods in Pakistan
  27. Advertisements in Pakistan
  28. Poverty in Pakistan
  29. Superstitions
  30. How to Solve Energy Crises in Pakistan
  31. Population Explosion
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