Are Doctors Men of Science By G. B. Shaw – BA Modern English Essays

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Questions and Answers Notes of Are Doctors Men of Science By G. B. Shaw – BA Modern English Essays

Q. Why does Shaw say that doctors are not men of science?

Ans. A large number of people think that doctors are men of science but Shaw does not agree with them. In this essay, he explains why doctors are no more scientific than their tailors.
It is very rare that a practicing doctor makes a contribution to science. He has no knowledge of the scientific method. The scientific method demands a certain attitude of mind and certain skills. It has to be learned. One has to get rid of one’s likes and dislikes and look at things without pre-convinced ideas or opinions. Observation and collection of evidence require skill and expertise. Drawing conclusions from the evidence and satisfies requires even greater expertise.
Doctors, excepting a few, have not learned the basic attitude and skills of the specific method. So when they try to draw conclusions from what they have observed in their clinics, they draw wrong and dangerous conclusions.

Q. What, according to Shaw, is the distinction between a quack and a qualified doctor?

Ans. Shaw does not see any real distinction between a quack and a qualified doctor. Both are mainly interested in earning their bread.
Unqualified doctors practice as hygienists, and earn large incomes. Bonesetters are not qualified to practice as orthopedic surgeons, but ey are making fortunes. Both the ignorant and the educated go to these quack.
Some of the most successful qualified doctors use the same methods as a quack does for the treatment of disease. There is practically no difference between the science of the herbalist and the science of a qualified doctor.
A doctor would give a strong dose of digitalis to a patient whose heart is depressed because it is considered a specific drug for heart. A herbalist also treats his heart patient with the same drug. None of them will pause to think that the symptoms described by the patient may suggest nothing more serious than boredom or tiredness, and may require no strong remedy than some rest or a change of climate.
If at all there is a distinction between a qualified doctor and a quack. It is mainly this the qualified doctor has the authority to sign a death certificate, the quack has no such authority. However, both of them have equal opportunities to do so.
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