About Us

What is Rashid Notes?

Rashid Notes is a resource center for teachers and students all around the world, especially in Pakistan. We provide educational notes for students and teachers. Students and teachers from every corner of the world visit Rashid notes.com to read notes, get advice and tips, download teaching-learning aids, learn educational news and trends, get study guides, etc.

Apart from providing notes on every subject i.e English, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science, and Biology, Rashid Notes offers advice, tips, guide, and educational news to our readers. We aim to provide the students and teachers from over the globe with convenient access to educational resources and guidance. In this way, we are trying to empower the people, in general, changing their lives and approach. We encourage creativity, innovation, and adaptation in education that could boost the minds of the students.

Who I am?

I am a teacher and social worker. I am dedicated, committed and devoted to education as a career and a cause as well. Living in an educationally backward country like Pakistan, I am motivated to grant access to everyone to educational resources and guidance. I am creating differences of our local students and our readers across the globe.

My Vision

A support center for students and teachers to enhance their knowledge, skills, and potentially leading them to educational and professional success

My Mission

My mission is to provide the students and teachers free, easy, and prompt access to resources, advice, guide, and educational news.

Who can benefit from Rashid Notes?

Every student and teacher from all over the world can benefit from our services. The people in common can visit http://rashidnotes.com to read about various topics, to get advice, to get the latest information about any topic that comes under our subject matter. There is no age limit, class boundaries, regional restrictions for our readers. Any person from any place in the world is welcome to read here.