A Multi-Topic Letter for First Year English

Here is a multitopic letter for 1st year and 9th class students. It is for average and weak students. If you want to get good marks on this question, I suggest you avoid preparing this letter.

A Multi-Topic Letter for 11th Class English

Examination Hall,

(City) A.B.C.

April 25, 2016.

My dear ——————–,

I received your letter a couple of days but could not respond immediately, because I had to cope with some immediate problematic condition. Now, everything is okay with her. So, after addressing my problems, I am writing this letter to you.


May Allah bless you with enviable health. Always remember me in your prayers. I hope to see you soon. Convey my “Salam” to all at your side.

Your lovingly,


اوپر بیان شدہ خط کی خالی جگہ میں متعلقہ خط جو آپ نے لکھنا ہےاس خط کیلائنوں میں لکھ دیں ۔

1. Write a letter to your father/mother/elder brother explaining the cause of your failure in the exam/December test.

I am sorry to inform you about my bad result in the exam. As a matter of fact, I could not do well in the exams due to my severe illness. But I shall do in annual exams.

2. Write a letter to your father/mother/elder brother telling your progress in December test/ studies.

I am very pleased to inform you about my exceptional performance in midterm exams. I am hopeful that I shall be able to maintain my performance in annual exams.

3. Write a letter to your friend/ uncle thanking him for his/her gift.

I am very happy on receiving a nice and lovely gift from you. This is a token of your love for me. I am very grateful to you for this gift.

4. Write a letter to your father/mother about the hostel life.

As you have asked my views regarding hostel life, I tell you about that. My dear father/mother hostel life cannot be a substitute for the home. Food is of low quality. Because of the noise of my fellows, I cannot study properly. So, I could not like a hostel life.

5. Write a letter to your friend about the profession you wish to adopt.

You have asked my opinion regarding the profession of teaching. Of course, this is the best profession in my view. All the prophets were teachers. So, I strongly support your decision to become a teacher.

6. Write a letter to your father requesting him to increase your monthly allowance.

I have passed class 10th. Now I am in college. Here my personal and educational expenses have also increased. So, I request to you increase my monthly allowance, keeping in view the fact.

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