A friend in Need is a Friend Indeed Story for 9th and First Year

Here we are presenting a story for 9th class and 11th class (1st year) students. The story here will be of two kinds. One is for the average and the other is for brilliant students.

This story is about two friends. They go on a journey. They promise to support each other. They see a bear on the way. One of them is a selfish friend. He climbs a tree to save his life and hands the friend over to the bear.

Story For Average Students

Once two friends set on a journey. They promised to stand by each other through thick and thin. One day, they passed through a jungle. They saw a big bear coming towards them. One of them was very selfish. He left his friend and climbed up a tree. He did not care for his friend. The other friend could not climb. He had heard that the bear did not eat dead bodies. So he lay down on the ground and held his breath. The bear came near and smelt him. Then taking him for dead, he went away. The selfish friend came down and asked his friend by way of a joke, “Dear, what did the bear say in your ear?” the other friend replied, “The bear advised me not to trust a selfish friend.” Saying this, he said goodbye to his selfish friend and went away alone.

1. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
2. Fairweather friend always leaves in the lurch

Story For Brilliant Students

Once upon a time, two friends lived in a village. One of them was clever and selfish while the other was innocent and honest. They decided to try their luck in town. They set off on a journey to help each other through thick and thin.

While they were passing through a thick forest, they came across a bear. The clever and selfish friend ran and climbed up a tree and left his friend at the mercy of a bear. The other friend did not know how to climb up a tree. He hit upon a plan and lay down on the ground. He held his breath and pretended to be dead. The bear sniffed him and thought him to be a dead man. The bear left him and went away into the forest.

When the bear was gone, the clever friend climbed down the tree and asked his friend what the bear saying in his year. The friend replied wittily that the bear advised him never to trust a fair-weather friend. With these words, he said goodbye to his friend and went away all alone

1. A friend in need is a friend indeed.
2. Fairweather friend always leaves in the lurch

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