9th Class Islamiat Notes PDF Download

9th class Islamiat notes provided here are very useful for 9th class students. These notes are divided into three categories i.e. multiple choice questions, short questions, and long questions. Most frequently asked questions in past papers are added in these notes. Students can get high marks in annual exams from these notes. Students can access the notes given here for free.

Here you can find 9th class Islamiat notes provided below. Students can download these notes in PDF format. To download MCQs and Short questions and answers notes along with model papers. These notes are provided here in PDF. We have tried our best to provide error-free notes. If you find any mistakes in these notes, comment us in the comment section or contact us at rashidenotes@gmail.com

Surah Anfal

Surah Anfal is included in the syllabus of the 9th class Islamiat. It has 75 verses and 10 Ruku. Here we will upload the translation, explanation, and short question answers notes of all the verses for you. In the annual examination, one question consists of the translation of verses from Surah Anfal and short questions and answers. If you want to attempt these questions in the annual examination, prepare these notes.

Sr#Surah AnfalLink
1Surah Anfal Translation Ayat 1 – 10Download
2Surah Anfal Translation Ayat 11 – 19Download
3Surah Anfal Translation Ayat 20 – 28Download
4Surah Anfal Translation Ayat 29 – 37Download
5Surah Anfal Translation Ayat 38 – 44Download
6Surah Anfal Translation Ayat 45 – 48Download
7Surah Anfal Translation Ayat 49 – 58Download
8Surah Anfal Translation Ayat 59 – 64Download
9Surah Anfal Translation Ayat 65 – 69Download
10Surah Anfal Translation Ayat 70 – 75Download


There are ten hadiths (Hadees) in the 9th class Islamiat (Compulsory). In the annual examination, one out of two hadiths has to be translated and explained. To download Hadees notes, click on the below link.

Hadees (1 – 10) Notes

There are four chapters in 9th class Islamiat. Here we will provide their notes including short question-answers, detailed questions, and MCQs. To get PDF files of these notes, click on the links provided below.

Ch#Chapter NameLink
1Quran MajeedDownload
2Allah aur Us kay Rasool ki MuhabbatDownload
3Ilm ki Farziyat-o-FazeelatDownload
5Complete Book MCQsDownload
6Important Short QuestionsDownload

9th Class Islamiat Online MCQs Test

We have started online tests for 9th class Islamiat on this site. If you want to prepare well for Islamic studies from the test, then click on the links given below

Ch#Chapter NameLink
1Quran MajeedOnline Quiz
2Allah aur Us kay Rasool ki HifazatOnline Quiz
3Ilm ki Farziyat-o-FazeelatOnline Quiz
4ZakatOnline Quiz

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