The Eclipse Questions and Answers Notes - BA Modern English Essays

The Eclipse Questions and Answers Notes - BA Modern English Essays
The Eclipse by Virginia - BA Modern English Essays
Here we are uploading questions and answerrs notes of The Eclipse by Virginia - BA Modern English Essays for BA and ADP students. These notes are for Punjab University (PU). Sargodha University (UOS) and all other universities in Pakistan. If you want to download complete notes of BA English Part-1 and Part-2, click the links given below and download them in PDF format for free.

Question Answers Notes of The Eclipse by Virginia

Q. Why were people heading north? Describe their state of mind (The Eclipse).
Ans. One June night Euston Railway Station in north western London was crowded with people. They were not ordinary passengers but they had gathered there to board a train heading towards north. They were not going north on a pleasure trip. It was a strange purpose which had brought them there. They were going to Yorkshire to see the dawn. But it was not an ordinary sunrise they expected to see.
That night, it seemed, the entire population of England was travelling northward to see the dawn. The sky had become more real and important than the earth, and all these people ere going north to watch the eclipse of the sun.
Scattered on the slope of a fall, waiting for the dramatic rising and eclipse of the sun, they seemed to have lost their identities. They looked like statues in a pale world. They felt that they were the inhabitants of some ancient age waiting in wonder and awe to salute the sun.
Q.2 Explain Virginia, Woolf's remark, 'The earth we stand on is made of colour; the colour can be blown out; and then we stand on a dead leaf……
Ans. In her essay 'The Eclipse' Virginia Woolf describes in a highly dramatic manner a solar eclipse, probably the solar eclipse of June 29, 1927 which was visible in England.
Before the rising of the sun everything looked pale. The river, the farmhouses, the fields and flowers were all pale, colourless. Then suddenly the sun rose and the trees turned green, and the villages blue brown under the pale blue sky.
The sun began its usual march on the sky with patches of white clouds. It dashed through the clouds but the moon was creeping up the horizon, and covered the shining disk of the sun. All the colour vanished from the scene. The flesh and blood of the world was gone. It became a strange skeleton — withered and dead.
What Virginia Woolf wishes to convey to the reader is that the colours that give our world its beauty and splendour ale the creation of light. And the source of light is the sun. It also provides the warmth that is necessary for all life. If the sunlight does not reach the earth, it would wither and die.

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