2nd Year English Book II Questions and Answers Notes Free PDF

2nd Year English Book II Questions and Answers Notes Free PDF
2nd Year English Book II Notes
Dear students, in this post, the questions and answers notes of 2nd year "12th class" English book II are being presented to you. These notes are written in a very simple way that is equally useful and can benefit equally the weak and intelligent students. These notes are in accordance with the syllabus offered by PTB and we have written these notes according to the examination paper pattern. We hope you will like the notes. Express your views in the comments section below and give us your valuable suggestions for improving these notes.

2nd Year Inter Part-2 English Book-2 Notes

2nd year English Book-2 (Prose and Heros) notes are in accordance with the syllabus prescribed by the Punjab Textbook Board Lahore. In these notes, we have used very simple words and short sentences so that students can prepare these notes in less time and easily.

Inter Part-2 English Book-II Part-1

Lesson No.1: The Dying Sun
Lesson No.2: Using The Scientific Method
Lesson No.3: Why Boys Fail in College
Lesson No.4: Lesson 4 - End of Term
Lesson No.5: On Destroying Books
Lesson No.6: The Man Who Was a Hospital
Lesson No.7: My Financial Career
Lesson No.8: China's Way to Progress
Lesson No.9: Hunger and Population Explosion
Lesson No.10: The Jewel of the World

Inter Part-2 English Book-II Part-2

Lesson No.1: First Year at Harrow
Lesson No.2: Hitch Hiking Across Sahara
Lesson No.3: Sir Alexander Fleming
Lesson No.4: Louis Pasteur
Lesson No.5: Mustafa Kamal

To download these notes in PDF format, click the link given below. These notes and all other notes available here are free and will always remain free for the students.

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