10th Class Physics Notes English Medium PDF Download

10th Class Physics Notes English Medium PDF Download
10th Class Physics Notes English Medium
Matriculation (9th class and 10th class) in Pakistan is taught in two languages, Urdu and English. We have already uploaded Urdu Medium Notes for Class 10th class Physics on this website. Today we will start to upload English Medium Notes for 10th Physics. Give us your feedback on these notes in the comment box.

10th Class Physics Notes English Medium PDF Download

Dear students, we have decided to upload 10th class Physics English medium notes. These notes have been prepared with great diligence. We hope you will enjoy the notes. To prepare these notes, we have relied on previous board papers and added important material from the textbooks and other helping books. We hope you will find the answers to all your questions in these notes. If you do not find the answer to any question in these notes, feel free to ask us. We will try to answer your questions.

Click here to download 10th Class Physics Urdu medium notes

We have divided these notes into the following sections according to the paper pattern of all Punjab Boards. We hope these notes will fulfill all the requirements of the annual exams.
  • Important short questions and answers
  • Solved important exercise short questions
  • Solved numerical problems
  • Solved multiple-choice questions

10th Class Guess Papers and Textbooks

We have also uploaded guess papers and textbooks of the 10th class here. Their links are below. You can download these guess papers and textbooks for free by clicking on them.

10th Class Physics English Medium Notes

Chapter 10: SHM and Waves
Chapter 11: Sound
Chapter 12: Geometrical Optics
Chapter 13: Electrostatics
Chapter 14: Current Electricity
Chapter 15: Electromagnetism
Chapter 16: Basic Electronics
Chapter 17: Info & Communication Tech
Chapter 18: Atomic and Nuclear Physics

To download notes, 9th class, to M.A. English, click on the links given below. You can download these notes and all other educational materials for free.
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  2. Ch-10,13,16 notes are enabled for downloading other chapters are disabled for downloading, plz rectify the issue.


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