2nd Year Math Chapter 7 Notes | Unit 07: Vectors

2nd Year Math Chapter 7 Notes | Unit 07: Vectors
2nd Year Math Chapter 7 Notes
2nd Year Math Chapter 7 Notes | Unit 07: Vectors are being uploaded here. These F.Sc. Math part 2 chapter no. 7: Vectors notes are in accordance with the syllabus and paper pattern of Punjab Text Book Board Lahore. These notes are very useful for the students belong to the Sargodha board, Lahore Board, Sahiwal Board, Multan Board, Kashmir board, Rawalpindi board, Gujranwala board, and DG Khan board.

2nd Year Math Chapter 7 Notes | Unit 07: Vectors

You can easily view or download these notes. If you want to view 12th class Math chapter 7 notes online, there must be a PDF reader installed on your computer. These notes cover the following topics
  • Introduction
  • Geometric Interpretation of Vector
  • Multiplication of Vector by a Scalar
  • Addition and Subtraction of two vectors
  • Position Vector
  • Vector in Plane
  • Properties of Magnitude of a Vector
  • Another Notation for representing Vectors in Plane
  • AUnit Vector in the Direction of another given Vector
  • The Ratio Formula
  • Vector Geometry
  • Introduction of Vector in Space
  • Concept of a Vector in Space
  • Properties of Vector
  • Another notation for representing Vectors in Space
  • Distance between two Points in Space
  • Direction Angles and Direction of a Vector
  • The Scalar Product of Two Vectors
  • Deductions of the Important Results
  • Perpendicular (Orthogonal) Vectors
  • Properties of Dot Product
  • Analytically Expression of Dot Product uv
  • Angle between two Vectors
  • Projection of One Vector upon another Vector
  • The Cross Product or Vector Product of two Vectors
  • Derivation of useful results of Cross Product
  • Properties of Cross Product
  • Analytically Expression of u×v
  • Parallel Vector
  • Area of Parallelogram
  • Area of Triangle
  • Scalar Triple Product of Vectors
  • Analytically Expression of u(v×w)
  • The Volume of the Tetrahedron
  • Application of Vectors in Physics and Engineering
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