Do Good, have Good Story for 9th Class and First Year

Once a rich man had a slave. He made him work day and night but gave him only a little food to eat. The slave did not like such a miserable life. One day, he left the house and went into the jungle. Then he saw a lion. There was a thorn in his paw. He was crying with pain. The slave took pity on him and pulled out the thorn. The lion gratefully licked his hands and went away. After some time, the slave was arrested and was thrown before a hungry lion as his punishment. But the people were surprised to see that the lion instead of killing him began to lick his hands lovingly. It was the same lion whom the slave had helped in the jungle.
1. Do good, have good.
2. Kindness never goes unrewarded.
3. One good turn deserves another.
4. Virtue is its own reward.
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