First Year English Moral Stories: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Once a hare and tortoise live in a jungle. The hare was very proud of his fast speed. He often made fun of the slow moving tortoise. One day, he challenged the tortoise to run a race. The tortoise agreed. They fixed a distant hill as their destination and started the race. The hare ran as fast as he could and was soon out of sight. After some time. He thought of taking rest. Soon he lay down under a tree and fell asleep. The tortoise, on the other hand, walked on slowly but steadily. When the hare woke up, the sun was about to set. He thought that the tortoise must be far behind. He ran fast and reached the destination. But he was much ashamed to see the tortoise already present there.
Moral:1. Slow and steady wins the race.
          2. Pride hath a fall.
          3. Never make fun of others.
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