First Year English Book-1 Lesson No. 14: Overcoat Notes

First Year English Book-1 Lesson No. 14: Overcoat Notes
Questions and Answers of lesson no. 14: Overcoat Notes by Muhammad Qadir Rafique are given below. Answer of each question is given in short and easy wording. You can download these notes in PDF format for free.
Q. What was the colour of the overcoat of the young man?
Ans. Its colour was brown.
Q. How did he look like?
Ans. He was a well-groomed young man. His hair was sleek and shiny. He was wearing a brown overcoat as well as green flat hat. A white silk scarf was knotted at his neck and had a polished cane in his one hand.
Q. Why did the people come out of the Mall?
Ans. The people came out to seek comfort in pleasure and they wanted to amuse themselves in intense cold.
Q. Who were the people wearing such dress and had come on the Mall?
Ans. Most of the people were wearing overcoat which were of every kind from precious to rough khaki coat.
Q. Why did the driver of the truck speed away after the accident?
Ans. If the driver was caught, he would have been beaten and handed over to the police therefore, he speed away.
Q. Who took the young man to the hospital?
Ans. The passers by the young man in car and look him to a nearby hospital.
Q. What kind of the music was played in one of the restaurants?
Ans. An orchestra was playing in one of the restaurants.

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