9th Class English Words Phrases Idioms and Their Sentences

We are presenting 9th class words sentences for 9th class students. These notes are very useful for the students belong to Federal board and Lahore board, Multan board, Sahiwal board, Faisalabad board, Rawalpindi board, Sargodha board, Kashmir board and all other boards of the Punjab. If you want to get five marks, you must to prepare these words sentences.

Words/Phrases/Idioms and Their Sentences For 9th Class

1. The Saviour of Mankind
The Quaid-e-Azam was a great leader of 20th century.
The conquest of Makkah was a great achievement of the Muslims.
His father is an influential person.
He succeeded because of his strong determination.
Our party also sent its delegation to Iran.
He left the room quietly.
My family urged me to go abroad.
He showed complete ignorance about the incident.

2. Patriotism
The brave soldier sacrificed his life for his country.
His performance in the match is commendable.
We should work hard for prosperity of our country.
Our army has the ability to check any foreign invasion.
I love my motherland
He is a responsible person.
We should promote a sense of nationalism.

3. Media and Its Impact
Geared up
We are geared up for the discussion.
Global village
Media has changed the world into a global village.
A click away
The world is just a click away because of internet.
Constructive role
Media must play a constructive role.
Raise awareness
Media has played an important role in raising awareness among the people.
To keep an eye on
You should keep an eye on his activities.

4. Hazrat Asma (R.A.)
Made with anger
When he abused me, I went made with anger.
Fit of fury
His fit of fury abated soon.
Reveal the secret
He did not reveal the secret.
Hazrat Asma (R.A) had a resolute faith in Allah.
This medicine will alleviate your plan.
He did not inform us about his migration.
He went their with his companion.
I took refuge in a Masjid.
Gave away
Hazrat Asma (R.A) gave away all her wealth to the poor.
I am determined to become a doctor.

6. The Quaid’s Vision and Pakistan
Bits and pieces
Why are the Muslims divided into bits and pieces?
Man in the street
Even a man in the street  knows that corruption is the biggest problem of Pakistan.
Raising spirit
The commander was raising the spirit of his soldiers.
Pass through
The train passed through a tunnel.
Fall a prey
Why do people fall a prey to drug?

7. Sultan Ahmad Mosque
He has an impressive personality
The Sultan Ahmad Masjid was built dexterously.
There is a specious lawn in my house.
Allah Almighty likes humility.
She wears flamboyant dress to attract others.

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