Summary of the Poem "Daffodils" By William Wordsworth

Summary of the poem "Daffodils"

This poem is written by William Wordsworth. He is known as the poet of nature. He loved nature a lot. Most of his poems describe nature and its beauty.
One day, he was walking alone in the countryside. He was walking aimlessly. Suddenly, he saw a large number of daffodils growing on the bank of a lake under a tree. The flowers were moving and dancing in the breeze. They looked dancing with pleasure. They looked more beautiful than waves of the lake. The sight of uncountable daffodils delight the poet. He continued to enjoy the lovely sight of the flowers for a long time. This sight is lasting impression on the memory of the poet . Whenever he is alone and in thinking mood, the same sight comes into his imagination and fills his heart with pleasure. He often visualizes that sight and feels pleasure.

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