9th Class English Change of Voice (Active and Passive Voice)

Change of Voice (Active Voice and Passive Voice)
A.V. Khurshid helps Naushaba
P.V. Naushaba is helped by Khurshid
A.V. The boy makes the picture.
P.V. The picture is made by boy.
A.V. The mother loves the children.
P.V. The children are loved by the mother.
A.V. Sumera washes clothes.
P.V. Clothes are washed by Sumera.
A.V. She likes apple.
P.V. Apples are liked by her.
A.V. Karim cleans his teeth.
P.V. His teeth are cleaned by Karim.
A.V. Ali eats an apple.
P.V. An apple is eaten by Ali.
A.V. Nasreen always speaks the truth.
P.V. The truth is always spoken by Nasreen.
A.V. I wear new clothes.
P.V. New clothes are worn by me.
A.V. Girls sing songs.
P.V. Songs are sung by girls.
A.V. He reads good books.
P.V. Good books are read by him.
A.V. You take a bath daily.
P.V. A bath is taken daily by you.
A.V. Hardworking students get prizes.
P.V. Prizes are got by hardworking students.
A.V. She loves her cat vary much.
P.V. Her cat is loved very much by her.
A.V. We use milk for making cheese.
P.V. Milk is used for making cheese by us.
A.V. Media helps people to share knowledge.
P.V. People are helped by media to share knowledge.
A.V. Media express their feelings and opinions.
P.V. Their feelings and opinions are expressed through media.
A.V. Media attracts the attention of very large audience.
P.V. The attention of very large audience is attracted by media.
A.V. After entering the house we switch on the television.
P.V. The television is switched on by us after entering the house.
A.V. Media not only inform us but also entertains us.
P.V. We are not informed but also entertained by media.
A.V. He does not deceive me.
P.V. I am not deceived by him.
A.V. The bank does not give loan to me.
P.V. I am not given loan by the bank.
A.V. We do not run this factory.
P.V. This factory is not run by us.
A.V. The mother does not love the children.
P.V. The children are not loved by the mother.
A.V. He does not take exercise regularly.
P.V. Exercise is not taking regularly by him.
A.V. Amjad is winding the watch.
P.V. The watch is being wound by Amjad.
A.V. The boy is climbing the wall.
P.V. The wall is being climbed by the boy.
A.V. He is playing a match.
P.V. A match is being played by him.
A.V. The rich man is giving alms.
P.V. Alms is being given by the rich man.
A.V. He is abusing me for nothing.
P.V. I am being abused for nothing by him.
A.V. The milkman is miking the cow.
P.V. The cow is being milked by the milkman.
A.V. He is wearing new clothes.
P.V. New clothes are being worn by him.
A.V. They are killing the mad dogs.
P.V. The mad dogs are being killed by them.
A.V. We are printing a new book.
P.V. A new book is being printed by us.
A.V. The fishermen are catching fish.
P.V. Fish are being caught by the fishermen.
A.V. My friends are encouraging me.
P.V. I am being encouraged by my friends.
A.V. They are buying this house.
P.V. This house is being listened by you.
A.V. Are you listening to the news?
P.V. Are the news being listened by you?
A.V. Who is knocking at the door?
P.V. By whom is the door being knocked at?
A.V. Who is asking questions?
P.V. By whom are questions being asked?
A.V. Why is he mending the chair?
P.V. Why is the chair being mended by him?

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