9th Class English Notes Complete Book Free Download

9th Class English Notes Complete Book Free Download
9th Class English Notes Complete Book
Here we are offering 9th class English notes for all Federal and Punjab Boards. These notes are very helpful to prepare English paper of 9th Class for Federal Board, Multan Board, Faisalabad Board, Sargodha Board, Gujranwala Board, DG Khan Board, Rawalpindi Board, or any other board of Punjab, Pakistan.

9th Class English Notes

These 9th class English notes will provide a complete and accurate explanation as well as answers for each question. Solved exercises, important short questions, and board multiple-choice questions are added in these notes. The most frequently asked questions are also added in these notes. Students can download these notes for free and these are the premier study materials that will prove to be useful in preparing exams and getting high marks in the exams.

Complete notes are given below. These notes are free of cost for everyone. You can download these notes in a good PDF format.
1. 9th class English Objective.

2. Translation and Solved Exercise Translation and solved exercise of the lessons from unit 1 to unit 12 is given below.
  • The Saviour of Mankind
  • Patriotism
  • Media and its Impact
  • Hazrat Asma (رضی اللہ تعالیٰ عنھا)
  • Daffodils (Poem)
  • The Quaid's Vision and Pakistan
  • Sultan Ahmad Masjid
  • Stopping by Woods
  • All is not Lost
  • Drug Addiction
  • Noise in the Environment
  • Three Days to See
3. Question answers notes
4. Summary of Poems
5. Use of words in sentences

6. Complete letters for 9th class
7. Important Comprehensions
8. Translation from Urdu to English
9. Change of Voice

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