Chemistry 9th Class Notes Chapter No. 3: Periodic Table and Periodicity of Properties

Chapter No. 3: Periodic Table and Periodicity of Properties
In nineteenth century, chemists devoted much of their efforts in attempts to arrange elements in a systematic manner. These efforts resulted in discovery of periodic law. On the basis of this law, the elements known at that time, were arranged in the form of a table which is known as periodic table. One of the significant features of the table was that it predicted the properties of those elements which were not even discovered at that time. The vertical columns of that table were called groups and horizontal lines were called periods. That orderly arrangement of elements generally coincided with their increasing atomic number. The periodic table contains huge amount of information for scientists.
Major Concepts
3.1 Periodic Table
3.2 Periodic Properties
Students Learning Outcomes
Students will be able to:
➤Distinguish between period and group in the Periodic table.
➤State the Periodic law.
➤Classify elements (into two categories: groups and periods) according to the configuration of their outermost electrons.
➤Determine the demarcation of the periodic table into s-block and p-block.
➤Explain the shape of the periodic table.
➤Determine the location of families of the periodic table.
➤Recognize the similarity in the physical and chemical properties of elements in the same family of the elements.
➤Identify the relationship between electronic configuration and position of elements in the periodic table.
➤Explain how shielding effect influences periodic trends.
➤Describe how electronegativities change within a group and within a period in the periodic table.
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