First Year Chemistry Guess Paper 2019

First Year Guess Paper Prepared by Muhammad Qadir Rafique.
Ch#1: Basic Concepts
Important Short Questions
  1. What are ion? Under what conditions they are formed?
  2. What are molecular ions? Write its importance.
  3. What are isotopes? Give examples.
  4. Write the principle of mass-spectroscopy.
  5. Write the importance of Mg(ClO4)2 and KOH in combustion analysis.
  6. Write a note on molecular formula.
  7. Define Avogadro's number.
  8. What is molecular volume?
  9. Define limiting reactant with example.
  10. How can you identify limiting reacting?
  11. Why actual yield is always less than theoretical yield?
  12. Define percentage yield.
  13. Define gram atom with example.
  14. What is gram molecule? Give examples.
  15. What is gram formula unit?
  16. Define gram ion with examples.
  17. How can you derive an empirical formula for those organic compounds witch contain C, H and O.
Exercise Short Questions
Q. No. 6,7,8,9,10,11,13,14,25
Exercise Long Questions
  1. Mass-Spectroscopy
  2. Combustion analysis
  3. Stoichiometery
Q. No. 15 ---------- Q. No. 22

Ch#2: Experimental Techniques in Chemistry
Important Short Questions
  1. What is quantitative analysis?
  2. What is qualitative analysis?
  3. Write the name of four steps involved in quantitative analysis?
  4. How can you increase the filtration rate?
  5. What is filtration? Why filtration is done?
  6. Why Gooch Crucible is preferred over paper techniques?
  7. What is crystallization? Write its principle?
  8. Write the main four characteristics of a good solvent for crystallization.
  9. What is mother liquour?
  10. How crystallize substance is dried?
  11. What is sublimation? Give examples.
  12. What is the difference between sublimate and sublimand?
  13. Define distruction coefficient and partition coefficient.
  14. Write the importance of solvent extraction.
  15. What is chromatography? Write its principle.
  16. Define partition chromatography with example.
  17. Define adsorption chromatography.
  18. What is chromatography?
  19. Define retardation factor(RT).
  20. Write two uses of Chromatography?
  21. Define stationary phase and mobile phase.
  22. Why is there need to crystallize the crude products?
  23. Write the drawbacks of filter paper.
  24. Write the names of drying agents used in vacuum desiccator.
Exercise Short Questions
Q. No. 4 -------- Q. NO. 10
Exercise Long Questions
  1. What is solvent extraction? Explain it with examples. Also write its importance.
  2. What is chromatography? Explain the paper chromatography.
  3. Write a note on crystallization. 

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