12th Class Chemistry Chapter 5 Notes

Here we are uploading 12th class Chemistry Chapter 5 notes. These notes are very helpful to prepare papers of F.Sc. 12th class Chemistry chapter 5 notes. You can score good marks by preparing these notes. These notes are for all Punjab boards and Federal board students. These notes provided here are free of cost and you can download these notes in PDF format by clicking the link given at the bottom of this page.

12th Class Chemistry Chapter 5 Notes

This chapter “The Halogens and the Noble Gasses” is about the structure and properties of Halogens and their compounds. The elements fluorine (F), chlorine(Cl), bromine(Br), iodine(I) and astatine(At) are called halogens.These elements are called the halogens from Greek hals, “salt” and gennan, “to form or generate”, because they are literally the salt formers
The major concepts of chapter no. 5: “The Halogens and the Noble Gasses” are given below

  • Introduction
  • Occurrence
  • Peculiar Behaviour of Fluorine
  • Oxidizing Properties
  • Compounds of Halogens
    • Hydrides (hydrogen halides, HX)
    • Oxides of Halogens
    • Reaction of Chlorine with Cold and Hot NaOH
    • Oxyacids
    • Bleaching Powder, (Ca(OCl)Cl)
  • Commercial Uses of Halfens and Their Compounds
  • Noble Gases
    • Copounds of Xenon
    • Flurides of Xenon
    • Xenon Oxyfluorides
    • Oxides of Xenon
    • Applications of the Noble Gases

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